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Join us at our day center. 

Read a story. Help write a resume.


[Due to COVID-19 we are not in need of volunteer help at this time. As we continue to adapt to our community health environiment we will be reengaging with our congregations and volunteers. Please check back here for our volunteer needs/opportunities. Thank you for being patient and for your continued support.]

Day Center Volunteers are needed for:

-Administrative support – answering phones, completing potential guest in-take forms
-Interaction with guests and their children
-Providing a smile and a listening ear

Host Congregation Volunteers are needed to:

-Cook dinners
-Serve dinners
-Sleep on-site to be available for any urgent guest needs
-Set-up and tear down beds and launder linens

If you have a different way to offer us support, please feel free to let us know. We would love to hear how you would like to contribute to our families!


Volunteers play an essential role in helping families experiencing homelessness attain sustainable independence.

If you are interesting in volunteering please give us a call at (916) 443-3107 or email Carol.

Family Promise-mom and son

“Each time we make room for strangers, we chip away at the fear and isolation and heartbreak in our world. We also get to participate in something that is life giving, both to us and the people we welcome.”

Volunteer from Family Promise of Beaufort County, SC

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