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Sacramento Street Sheets

Volunteers answering phones at Family Promise of Sacramento always recommend to persons seeking help that they call 211 and speak with an agent to get names and numbers of services available in the county, both from government agencies and non-government organizations. (More on 211 in another post.)

There are a few "street sheets" for Sacramento. "The street sheet" was a flyer widely distributed in town listing services and contact information. I believe the original was upadated and published by Francis House. During the pandemic, many services were disrupted, and information was difficult to keep updated. So some of these guides are not current. Other organizations are publishing similar information. Here are a few that show up in a Google search:

Sacramento Steps Forward published a street sheet last updated in February 2022.

Francis House, a program of NextMove. (Last updated Feb 2020)

SRCEH (Sacramento Regional Coalition to End Homelessness). The People's Guide (to Health, Welfare and Other Services) was last updated in 2019. I include it because it contains so much information on laws, rights, navigating different living situations, and more that can be very helpful. However, many of the non-government service providers may have changed. Updated providers should be listed with 211. This was such a valuable and comprehensive resource that I hope it will be updated and republished.

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