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Disabled Veteran Benefit Calculator

We received an e-mail from regarding resources for Veterans. While this isn't our primary focus, making sure that veteran's get all the benefits they've earned could help prevent them from falling into homelessness. If this might assist you, read on:

I came across the helpful resources you shared for homeless veterans at, and was wondering if you were open to adding a new resource to that page.

I work for an advocacy center called Veterans Guide. Our mission is to assist veterans with the array of issues they may face, including obtaining proper disability compensation, financial assistance, information on the GI bill, and more. We have created some helpful guides and will continuously be adding more. Unfortunately a major cause for veterans going homeless is some sort of underlying disability. Recently we made a calculator that helps veterans calculate how much their VA rating should be, especially when it comes to combining ratings and complicated VA math. This calculator shows how much money they should be getting from the VA. Check it out:

What's important to us is providing resources and help for veterans and their families. We want to make sure vets have all the resources necessary to ensure they struggle with their health and finances as little as possible. I think our advocacy site could be a useful addition to your page for that reason.

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